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Meteor 350 Features Video
Meteor Story

The Story

Sid Lal's Blog

Cruising Through Time

A New Heart

A Refined Glide

A Refined Glide


Meteor 350 Mirrors
Meteor 350 Headlight
Meteor 350 Fuel Tank
Meteor 350 Seat
Meteor 350 Taillight
Meteor 350 Base Structure



Meteor - 360 View
Supernova Red

Supernova Red

MSRP $4,899*

Meteor 350 Supernova Blue Price in USA

Supernova Blue

MSRP $4,899*

Meteor 350 Supernova Brown Price in USA

Supernova Brown

MSRP $4,899*

Meteor 350 Stellar Red Price in USA

Stellar Red

MSRP $4,799*

Meteor 350 Stellar Blue Price in USA

Stellar Blue

MSRP $4,799*

Meteor 350 Stellar Black Price in USA

Stellar Black

MSRP $4,799*

Fireball Blue

Fireball Blue

MSRP $4,699*

Fireball Matte Green

MSRP $4,699*

Meteor 350 Fireball Red Price in USA

Fireball Red

MSRP $4,699*

Meteor 350 Fireball Yellow Price in USA

Fireball Yellow

MSRP $4,699*

*Images are for representation purposes only. The actual product may differ from those shown. **3-year unlimited miles warranty. ***Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) excludes any added accessories to the base model, destination and handling fees, tax, title, license and registration. Dealer prices may vary.

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